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Friday, August 20, 2010  — 


When we entertain, the phrase “bring-your-own [insert item here]” or BYO is commonplace to ask guests to bring a dish or beverage to pass.  The BYO concept is great for entertaining and can also carry forth into the commercial world.  Here are a few great examples:

Restaurants: A recent Nations Restaurant News article featured restaurants that have started offering  corkage-free promos. They encourage people to bring their own wine to restaurants and do not charge a corkage fee.  It’s a great idea.  It allows wine connoisseurs to bring the wines they love to meals.  Plus, it allows budget-conscious diners to save some money.

Retail locations: OfficeMax & Menards – both offer special percentage off days where you receive a specific discount if you bring in the paper bag they provide.  An even better and greener alternative – most grocery stores provide you with a discount when you use a reusable tote bag for shopping.

Movie Theaters:  Concessions definitely are a money maker for movie theaters, but something many budget conscious people cut back on.  To keep people coming in, Fandango offers “bring your own popcorn” times.

How can you incorporate a BYO concept into your marketing/promotions?  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Is there an area of your business where you can forgo a product/service but still retain your profit?
  • Get to the bottom of what pains your customers.  If you have a good understanding of this, you can help ease a burden for them – even if it is something small.
  • Are there any social good organizations you can partner with to help them and offer some sort of BYO concept?

Please share ways you’d suggest adding a BYO concept into your business or organization or great examples you have seen.

Susan Schoultz is Client Service Director at Clear Verve Marketing and works with clients to plan, create and execute marketing campaigns.  Follow her on Twitter as @clearverve2.

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