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About a week ago, I received a letter from a local nonprofit (who shall remain nameless). It was a charity I was familiar with, so I opened the envelope. Here’s what I saw:

Can you see what the problem is here? How about if I tell you that this mailing was supposed to be encouraging me to “save the date” for an upcoming event. Unfortunately, that’s not the first thing I read. The first thing I saw was that a corporate table costs $800.

My point is not to bash this wonderful charity. They do amazing work. It’s to illustrate the importance of providing good direction to volunteers (or staff people). Make sure they think about what you are trying to communicate when they are working. This mailing contained three pieces of paper. The one they wanted me to read first (to build up my desire to fork over $800 for a corporate table) was sandwiched between the table solicitation and a survey.

When you are marketing your business or charity, details matter. Remember, people judge things they don’t understand based upon the things they do understand.

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