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Be brave – get noticed!


Check out this PSA from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. Don’t worry, the subtitles will help it make sense in English. Be sure to watch all the way to the end. You’ll learn how this video went viral, lit up social media around the world, and caused a 40% increase in contacts to the agency that sponsored the ad.

What amazing results!

Can you imagine what would have happened if the Health Promotion Foundation had taken the typical safe approach? What if they had thrown up the typical roadblocks? What if they had said…

  • “How can we show children holding cigarettes? It will send the wrong message.”
  • “Wait! Nobody mentioned our mission statement!”
  • “You didn’t quote our president, executive director, or CEO.”
  • “That doesn’t sound like what our competitors do. We can’t do that!”
  • “Thanks for the idea but it’s too expensive to hire a crew to film this. We’ll  just shoot it with our iPhones.”

Luckily, if the Thai Health Promotion Foundation did say those things, some persuasive person talked them into trying something new. So the message is noticeable, differentiating, to the point, and you can hear and see what is happening.

They may have spent a little more money to put this ad together, but because they were brave, they got RESULTS.

Christina Steder is the President of Clear Verve Marketing and works with clients to plan, create and execute marketing campaigns.

Playing with Vines


Have you heard of Vine? It’s a fun new app that you can use to make the equivalent of a video “tweet.” You use your smartphone to make a six-second video, which you can then post to Facebook or Twitter. Once your video is posted, you can get an embed code that will allow you embed the video anywhere.

Now I know you’re probably thinking, “How great can a six-second video be anyway?” Well, they can be pretty great! In fact, the Tribeca Film Festival invited people to submit Vines for judging and got some amazing super short videos. Check them out here.

So, what can you do with a vine? Lots! Obviously, vine isn’t great for explaining complicated topics or if you need to impress someone with a high quality video, but it can be used to create a fun, simple message. Check out two we quickly made at Clear Verve.

Marketing an immersive experience


While in Chicago over the weekend, I came across this display.

There are several of these displays, called Lightscapes, in planters on State Street. Passers by are invited to enter a contest in which they can dedicate a song to their Valentine and have it played from the lightscapes, along with a choreographed light show. According to the website for the contest, the purpose of the lightscapes is to play music and other messages while providing an immersive experience for visitors.

I think this is a great idea. Public art has long been a way for cities to connect culturally with visitors, and I love how today’s technology enables the coordinators of the display to change the colors, music, and messages.

Let’s just hope they don’t start selling advertising space as part of the messages. While I’m all for marketing (for obvious reasons), I think that sometimes it is nice just to be able to enjoy an experience without being reminded of yet another thing I don’t own.

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Christina Steder is the President of Clear Verve Marketing and works with clients to plan, create and execute marketing campaigns. Follow her on Twitter as @clearverve

Get 100 Ways to Build Your Business


Have you ever tried to think up new ways to market, manage, or build your business and found yourself at a complete loss for ideas? I think it happens to everyone. I have to admit, it even happens to us, despite the fact that we’re a marketing company. I’m not sure if it’s because we spend so much time being creative on behalf of others that we just run out of gas for ourselves, or if it’s because we spend so much time dreaming up new ideas that it’s hard to come up with something that feels truly revolutionary for ourselves.

Well, we’ve solved that problem! Last year, we came up with the crazy idea of trying to get 20 of our favorite thought leaders to share five ideas that would help businesses innovate, grow, or manage themselves better. We contacted a few people, who loved the idea, and our big project for 2011, 100 Ways to Build Your Business in 2012 was born.

After several months of hard work, we’re pleased to share these great ideas with you. The book includes thoughts on marketing/PR, web/social media, management, and video/photo, so you are sure to find something that is applicable to your business! Best of all, you can also sign up to receive a monthly tips from the ebook for the next year. (Because seriously, who can remember or implement 100 ideas all at once?)

You can download the free e-book and sign up for the monthly emails at the 100 Ways to Build Your Business website.

Our best wishes for a busy and productive 2012!

Christina Steder is the President of Clear Verve Marketing and works with clients to plan, create and execute marketing campaigns. Follow her on Twitter as @clearverve

You Can’t Miss Liberty

Monday, February 8, 2010 — 


A new Liberty Tax Service recently opened in my area.  I don’t think anyone driving past could miss this new location because of the many Statue of Liberty costumed people on the street outside.  They also had costumed liberty folks walking through different parts of our city to let everyone know they had opened. I have to give the people who do this serious props, as our WI weather can be a bit cold at this time of year.


This guerilla marketing tactic is definitely effective to create buzz, but using mascots or icons for marketing is not for every business.  I cannot imagine a funeral home, hospital, or many b-to-b businesses successfully using a mascot.  If you disagree, forward examples to us and we are happy to share your thoughts.

However, many other businesses have used icons successfully to brand their businesses. Ad Age compiled the following top advertising icons for the 20th Century:

1. The Marlboro Man – Marlboro cigarettes

2. Ronald McDonald – McDonald’s restaurants

3. The Green Giant – Green Giant vegetables

4. Betty Crocker – Betty Crocker food products

5. The Energizer Bunny – Eveready Energizer batteries

6. The Pillsbury Doughboy – Assorted Pillsbury foods

7. Aunt Jemima – Aunt Jemima pancake mixes and syrup

8. The Michelin Man – Michelin tires

9. Tony the Tiger – Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes

10. Elsie – Borden dairy products

Looking at the list, I’m surprised Mickey Mouse didn’t show up on the list.  Are there any icons you think should have been in the top 10 that are missing?

Susan Schoultz is Client Service Director at Clear Verve Marketing and works with clients to plan, create and execute marketing campaigns.  Follow her on Twitter as @clearverve2.